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Everyday ELLA ideas for counting

Teaching simple counting is easy and fun. Saying numbers in order from memory is called rote counting. Counting in a different language is a good starting point for language learning and maths. It can help children learn that number concepts are more than just the words we use. Watch your child’s excitement as you learn to count together in another language!

Everyday counting

Make counting part of your day.

  • Count the socks as you sort them.
  • Count apples as you put them in the supermarket trolley.
  • Count people, cars or bikes going past.

Solve simple problems

Asking your child to solve simple problems helps to give meaning to counting.

  • If there are four people having afternoon tea, how many biscuits will we need?
  • Set the table for dinner. How many plates, forks and spoons will we need?

Play ‘number soup