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ELLA encourages a love of languages. Children who start learning languages early tend to stay interested in languages later in life.
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Cultural understanding
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There are nine different languages available to preschools in the ELLA program. These languages are Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Modern Greek, Japanese and Spanish. In 2019 and 2020, the Australian Government has committed to also support the development and implementation of apps in Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish and German. This will fully align the ELLA suite of languages to the languages in the Australian Curriculum, which children can study in later years.
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Chinese (Mandarin)
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Modern Greek
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App 1

The Polyglots in the Playroom

Children meet playful characters, and learn greetings, introductions, farewells, likes and dislikes.

App 2

The Polyglots at the Beach

Children explore the language of colours and greetings in the fun setting of the beach.

App 3

The Polyglots at the Birthday Party

The Polyglots at the Birthday Party replicates the fun and playful environment of a children’s birthday party.

App 4

The Polyglots at the Zoo

The Polyglots at the Zoo includes animals and food items from a range of cultures within the diverse environment of an open-range zoo.

App 5

The Polyglots at the Circus

The Polyglots at the Circus features circus experiences and language related to parts of the body. This app also reinforces vocabulary included in the first four apps.

App 6

The Polyglots at the Park

The Polyglots at the Park features games and activities commonly played in Australia.

App 7

The Polyglots in the Town

The Polyglots in the Town features places and activities commonly found in Australia.
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