A culture of language and understanding

What is ELLA?

ELLA is an exciting digital language learning program for preschoolers. It opens up a world of cultural possibilities for children early in life.

Children learn one of thirteen languages using play-based apps called The Polyglots. (A polyglot is someone who is multilingual.) They use the apps on tablet devices at preschool. The apps were designed with help from language, early childhood and technology experts.

Meet the Polyglots

The apps have a cast of colourful characters – the Polyglots – who introduce children to a new language through digital play. Experiences match young children’s interests, like cooking, art, building, role-play and music. This means that the apps are as engaging as they are educational.

‘It has been one of the best learning experiences of my 25-year teaching career. I am in awe daily of how quickly the children learn and have loved this learning.’
Educator at a preschool using ELLA
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Benefits of ELLA

A new language

ELLA is a proven method of language discovery for preschoolers. It can also keep them interested in learning a language at school.

Cultural competency

Children learn to respect diversity as they learn about new cultures. ELLA encourages families to share home languages too.

Cognitive and social skills

ELLA develops children’s social, thinking and digital skills. It supports their literacy, and can even improve memory and concentration.

Confident educators

Educators learn alongside children. Educators who have used ELLA report that they are more confident about incorporating languages and technology into their program.

Don't just take our word for it

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Evaluation of ELLA 2016 trial

An evaluation of the 2016 ELLA program through a survey of participants and parents
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Evaluation of the ELLA apps

Research undertaken by Swinburne University of Technology to assess the educational quality of the ELLA apps
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When your child’s preschool offers ELLA, there is no cost to you and a world of discovery is opened up to your child! ELLA introduces your child to words and phrases in another language through a series of apps and off screen activities.

ELLA in action

Watch a demonstration of the 'Make a cake' learning experience from App 3: The Polyglots at the Birthday Party.

‘I took him to a Lebanese restaurant, and he ordered his drink in Arabic (like the character does in the app, I think), and he used Thank you and Bye. And the waiter said his pronunciation was very good. Amazing.’
– Family from a preschool using the ELLA program
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Support for families

There are lots of things you can do to learn about language and culture at home. Talk to your child's educator about how you can be involved in ELLA experiences.
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Learn more about ELLA

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Everyday ELLA ideas for reading (1 MB)

Tip sheet for choosing culturally diverse books
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Everyday ELLA ideas for counting (2 MB)

Tip sheet for learning to count in another language
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Everyday ELLA ideas for cooking (1 MB)

Tip sheet for introducing cultural food
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Everyday ELLA ideas for making art (1 MB)

Tip sheet for introducing other cultures through creating art
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Everyday ELLA ideas for celebrations (1 MB)

Tip sheet for talking about cultural celebrations
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Everyday ELLA ideas for exploring the community (534 KB)

Tip sheet for using your local environment to explore the world
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