Discover a fun new world of language learning for early childhood. Discover ELLA.

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Eligible preschools

To be eligible for the ELLA program, preschools must offer a preschool/kindergarten program, which is to be provided in the year before full-time school and delivered by a degree-qualified early childhood teacher. Your preschool must also have an active WiFi connection.
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ELLA in your preschool

ELLA is free, easy to use, and fully supported. You don’t need to speak another language; you can learn alongside the children. All you need is a compatible tablet device and a WiFi connection.
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Discover and grow

Preschools gain so much more than a new language experience. ELLA can boost children’s learning, cultural appreciation and digital, cognitive and social skills. Educators enjoy ELLA’s co-learning model and the opportunities to engage with families.
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Support and engagement

ELLA is a dynamic community of practice. Educators get support from a dedicated liaison officer and a helpdesk. There is also a discussion group, a practical newsletter, and group learning sessions.
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Beyond the program

Children get the most out of ELLA when it is extended into the preschool program. Educators can scaffold children’s digital play, and include additional language and cultural experiences. The ELLA newsletter and printables give you extension ideas and resources.
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When you join

There are many resources to help you implement ELLA

Your preschool will get seven play-based apps in your chosen language, as well as access to ELLA’s private online educator portal. The portal houses support materials, such as a program guide, app overviews, language/cultural background information, and an ELLA brochure for parents and guardians. There are fun, printable resources too. You’ll find posters, templates, props and games that can be used with the children and displayed in your preschool.

Choose your language

The biggest challenge may be deciding which language to learn. There are thirteen on offer, and all are part of the Australian Curriculum.

Look for your Welcome email

Once your application is approved, you will be emailed a Welcome email to help get you up and running. This includes your login details, a program guide, and links to posters and resources.

Links to the EYLF and Australian Curriculum

All the ELLA apps align with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Australian Curriculum: Languages (Foundation–Year 2). Detailed links are provided in each app guide to assist your programming.

Troubleshoot with us

Your liaison officer is a source of personalised support. The ELLA helpdesk is also available Monday to Friday for technical and educational help.

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We know that learning another language is a great brain gym for children and that, in the longer term, the more access they have to a second language … they actually do better in school.
Professor John Hajek, University of Melbourne
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Device compatibility

ELLA is compatible with these devices

Apple iPad 8th generation
Apple iPad 7th generation
Apple iPad 6th generation
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1”
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