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Terms and conditions of participation for ELLA 2023 (new preschool)

To make sure the children at your preschool receive the best possible outcomes from ELLA, your preschool needs to:

  1. agree to Education Services Australia (ESA) monitoring your use of the ELLA apps through data analytics;
  2. agree to your preschool’s name and location appearing on a list of participating ELLA preschools on the ELLA website;
  3. cover costs associated with your participation in ELLA, including purchase of tablet device(s), device accessories, modem, router, and maintenance of an internet connection and WiFi network throughout the year;
  4. use only tablet devices that meet the technical specifications stated by ESA; ESA’s list of recommended devices may be viewed at:;
  5. resolve any internal IT issues with your own IT department or internet provider;
  6. connect your tablet devices to WiFi at least once a month to upload your usage data;
  7. download and print the Information brochure for parents/guardians and distribute it to the families; and give them an opportunity to opt out of ELLA;
  8. make sure that the ELLA apps are not used by a child whose parent/guardian has opted out of ELLA;
  9. ensure only children enrolled in a preschool/kindergarten program access the ELLA apps; and
  10. comply with all privacy obligations of your preschool and ELLA.

ESA will: 

  1. provide your preschool with access to seven ELLA apps in one chosen language free of charge;
  2. collect data on usage of the ELLA apps on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Education;
  3. ensure data collected through the ELLA apps remains secure and private;
  4. use collected data to determine requirements for any future ELLA app enhancements, and to assist with targeting support for preschools;
  5. provide an ELLA helpdesk to assist with any ELLA app-related and implementation queries; and
  6. provide professional learning opportunities for educators to begin implementing the program.
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