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Everyday ELLA ideas for exploring the community

One of the great things about living in Australia is that our identity is made up of lots of different cultures. Take your child out into the community. They will learn about the world, gather information and develop new skills. Your child’s interactions with you and other people will help them to develop a sense of identity.

Take your child out into the community to explore the ways we live

Parks and gardens

Botanical gardens are great fun for children. They can walk, run and skip along paths, and play games such as hide and seek. They can make decisions about where to go.

Can your child point out different trees? Some gardens have signs that explain the types of plants, how they grow and where they are from.

Talk to your child about the plants. How do plants change with the seasons? How is our climate different from the countries these plants are from?


Help your child understand how special animals are by taking them to the zoo.

Your child can learn about animals from other countries. How do the animals live and what do they eat?

Talk about the animal enclosures. Is there anything special about the plants and landscapes? Are they like the countries that the animals come from?

Markets and supermarkets

Take your child to a market or the supermarket. They may find fruits or vegetables from other cultures that they have not tried before. Can they find a recipe that uses those ingredients?

Your child can be involved in choosing the foods you purchase. This is a great way to develop positive ideas about food.

Is there a farmers’ market near you? Your child can talk to the farmers about their produce. Some markets sell dishes and foods from many cultures. Your child can try new food.

Museums and galleries

Visit a museum or art gallery to help your child learn about different cultures. Your child could choose an exhibition they are interested in. Before you go, talk about what they might find.

Challenge your child to find particular works or to look for items from particular cultures. Many exhibits are interactive. Some museums and galleries have a children’s section.

Performances, dances and theatre

Performances can encourage children to use their imagination. The music and costumes can help to take them on an adventure.

Your child could experience stories from other cultures. This can help them to learn about different perspectives.

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